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Over 30 years experience helping thousands of people recover from injuries and accidents. Group of Chiropractors, Physical Therapist and Medical professionals.

Iris Rosenfeld, DC
Iris Rosenfeld DC

Devoting my life to the healing arts has allowed me to aid patients frustrated with traditional medical care by providing a multitude of beneficial alternative solutions. In order to best serve my patients and their family’s health issues, I continually research  new chiropractic and medical therapies and skills. Since beginning in 1985, my team and I have established a unique practice by offering an open, friendly environment along with integrated health and wellness techniques.

Research now reveals that there may be a postponement in the arrival of post accident symptoms. This is now fairly ordinary for injuries of a major or minor nature. A reason why victims of car accidents may not feel anything at the time of the accident is due to the heightened affects of adrenaline present in their bodies. Though it varies, some accident victims may not experience their post accident symptoms until several months later while others experience intense or serious pain the day of their accident. Our office has worked with auto accident patients and everything associated with those patients including primary physicians, automobile insurance companies and personal injury lawyers. We will speak with a patient’s lawyer and complete all necessary paperwork in order to start patient care as soon as possible. During the duration in which our patients are being  treated, we will work closely with one’s insurance company and lawyer. Depending on the type and severity of the case, there may not be any out-of-pocket costs for patient care. After treatment is finished, the patient’s insurance company and lawyer will receive a detailed report outlining treatment and present condition.