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Accident Chiropractors™ accept lawyer liens.


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Best Car Accident Chiropractors are willing to offer the first consultation with no out of pocket cost to you, because they are confident that once you meet them and their friendly staff, you will choose them for the relief of your car accident injuries.

During your first visit, the chiropractic office administrator will gather the necessary information to determine if payment for your injuries will be provided by the responsible insurance coverage. If it is determined that you have no case, there will be no charge to you for that first visit. If you decide to continue care with the chiropractic office and there is a viable case, the first visit will be billed to the responsible party.

This special offer is only available through our website! To ensure that the accident chiropractor that you contact will honor this FREE Consultation you must mention our website when making the appointment.

Best Car Accident Chiropractors Accept Lawyer Liens

Best Car Accident Chiropractors accept car accident cases on a lien, which means they will not receive payment until your case is resolved. Your chiropractor will ask you to bring all the relevant paperwork to the first visit and based on that information it will be determined if your case will be accepted on a lien.

All of the doctors of chiropractic specialize in treating car accident injuries and preparing the proper documentation to substantiate your injuries and potential need for further medical care. This information is crucial in helping your car accident attorney, if you decide to hire one, to be the most successful in settling your case.

Is Best Car Accident Chiropractor™ website affiliated with any of the listed Chiropractic Offices?

No. Best Car Accident Chiropractor™ is a directory of accident chiropractors. This website is in no way responsible for any financial or professional disputes that may occur between clients and the independent chiropractic office. Each chiropractor listed on this site is an independent entity. The doctors of chiropractic are liable for any financial or professional misconduct.

Remember, if you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s very important to receive an immediate evaluation and treatment. Car accident symptoms of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, dizziness, numbness or tingling going down your arms or legs, sore muscles, or fatigue can have long lasting effects on your health and well-being!

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